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Chocolate Bacon

Anyone for Chocolate Bacon?!

We’re live, we’re up and running!  Check us out and our fancy pants new web site, what with its snazzy pictures from some of our recent events and whizzy app for generating instant event cost estimates.  We’re pretty pleased with how it’s turned out but like everything we do, the site will evolve over time with new pics, new menus, new info and all sorts of news and interesting titbits right here in our blog.


So what’s going on at Grazing HQ this week then?!  Well, as if launching a new web site and being up to our eyes in Christmas parties wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we’ve been running all over town curing hangover after hangover with our yummy breakfasts – perfect for the morning after the night before!

We’re pretty sure our hangover curing creation of chocolate bacon isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but we’re soooo pleased with the response it’s had so far.  It’s a bit of a love it or hate it thing but seems a lot more people are loving it than hating it…only one way to really find out tho….try it for yourself sometime. 


But for those of you not hungover or brave enough to try it, then why not kick back and read what everyone else thinks about it.  Check out our recent write ups in the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Huffington Post to whet your appetite.


Bon Appetite Grazers! 


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