So here it is, the first ever Grazing Events blog….Chapter 1 as it were. Hmmm, now where to begin?

Well, like all good stories and first dates, we should probably start at the beginning with a bit of an introduction. You may well be wondering who the heck we are, what we’re all about and quite possibly, why on earth you’re bothering to read this blog when you’ve a million and one other things you could be doing right now. So with no further ado, let’s cut to the chase and get this show on the road…….

Who the heck are these new kids on the block trying to muscle their way in on the event catering scene?  Who invited them to join (or, more likely, to create) the party?  And what makes them think they’ve got something up their ever so trendy sleeves that no one else has? It’s not like Londoners have been sitting around rubbing a lamp and asking the eponymous genie to magic up a great caterer…crikey, Uncle Google’s got that one covered and there are loads of cracking caterers out there already. All valid questions and points we think! 

But, here’s the thing. We’re not actually late to the party or some wet behind the ears newby….It just so happens we’ve been quietly catering for all manner of events since 2007, we’ve just not shouted about it very much before.  So what’s changed and why start shouting about it now?! 

Well, we’re all grown up now (ok, so that’s not entirely true….we’re still big kids at heart and quite frankly we still like behaving like children some of the time), we’ve found our feet, discovered what we’re good at, no actually, what we’re great at, and what we love doing and now we’re ready to start spreading the word and shouting about it from the rooftops!  

Think of us a bit like the catering equivalent of Bradley Wiggins.  He didn’t just get on his bike and win the Tour de France and Olympic gold just like that….he spent years practicing, training, dedicating hours, days, weeks, months and years of his life to being the very best he could be at his sport.  And those sideburns didn’t just grow overnight – they took years to carefully nurture!  And that’s what we’ve been doing too (albeit without the sidies).  

We realise we’re not about to be rewarded with a book deal, a knighthood and the near god-like status quite rightly bestowed on Sir Brad but we are every bit as driven and dedicated to our chosen profession, as passionate about food and ingredients as he is about cycling and bikes and as fanatical about doing the very best job we can when we get out of bed each morning.  

But why oh why are we so obsessed with being great at what we do?! Well, here’s the thing.  What we do makes people smile.  Great food makes people smile. Great service makes them smile.  Taking the hassle out of planning an event makes people smile.  Our own great big cheesy smiles make other people smile and if we ever think of any decent jokes to share on our blog, one day this might make someone smile too!  And quite frankly, what’s better than a smile?! Call us soppy old sentimental fools if you will but we really are a bit obsessed with food, drink, good times and that infectious warm fuzzy feeling we get from sharing it with other people and making them smile.

So there you have it.  That’s what we’re all about.  That’s what floats our boat and that’s why we work the crazy hours we do and are as excited as we are about each and every event we plan – we really are just lucky enough to love what we do and love making people smile. 

Published on by Sam